East Hants Karate Club
Nine Mile River, Nova Scotia

Karate was introduced to Nine Mile River in the Summer of 1976.  The Nine Mile River Community Hall wanted to offer an activity to the community.  As Karate was new to Nova Scotia and one of the first organized sport activities, the Hall contacted the Atlantic Karate Club in Halifax.  A small group of Black Belts organized a demonstration to determine if there was an interest in the community.  The demonstration was a success and as a result classes started in September.  The East Hants Karate Club was the first karate club in the Municipality of East Hants and to this day, the oldest.  The Club’s Chief Instructor, Sensei Chris Golz, assisted with the Black Belt demonstration and has been instrumental in its leadership since that time.

Being recognized as one of Canada’s senior Chito-Ryu instructors, Sensei Golz is one of a select group of five to achieve Kyoshi, Shichidan (7th Dan) in 2015 presented by Sensei Shane Higashi.  With over 40 years of teaching experience, he is NCCP as well as Karate Canada certified and holds a Shodan in Canadian Ryukyu Kobudo Kobujutsu.  Sensei Golz is a member of the Canadian Chito-Ryu Association and World Chito-Ryu Federation Technical Committees as well as Technical Director for Nova Scotia.

The East Hants Karate Club is the Honbu dojo (provincial headquarters) for Chito-Ryu Karate in Nova Scotia.  Teaching “Chito-Ryu Karate The Traditional Way”, it offers classes in martial arts, physical fitness and self-defense.  The Club has produced many Black Belts over the years, including the first female and male Junior Black Belts in Atlantic Canada as well as provincial, national and international competitors such as the Pan Am Games.

Telephone:  (902) 497-8232.


Atlantic Karate Club
Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Atlantic Karate Club started in Halifax in 1969 under the direction of Jose Levy.  The AKC is located on the top floor of the Chocolate Lake Recreation Centre where it has been since 1984.

The Atlantic Karate Club provides a solid traditional karate program that has developed many top level athletes who have gone on to compete and win provincially, nationally, and internationally while still providing a wonderful training space for those interested in focusing on a traditional karate program.

Sensei Glenn Euloth started as a white belt at the Atlantic Karate Club in 1986 and is now a Yondan (4th degree black belt), Shidoin (qualified instructor) where he fulfills the role of Chief Instructor at the club, looking for that next white belt that will eventually replace him in the never ending cycle.

Telephone:  902-477-4639


Ken Sen Kan
Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia

Ken Sen Kan Martials Arts School (formally known as Ken Sen Kan Karate Dojo) was founded by Sensei Russell Hovey (4th dan, Shidoin) in May of 1997.  Initially, classes were held at the old Stewiacke Elementary School Gymnasium and in June of 1999 moved to the village of Shubenacadie where the dojo continues to operate until this day.

Over the years, Ken Sen Kan has instructed many students, assisted in youth development and has produced numerous black belts and national level competitors.  Ken Sen Kan members have proudly represented the dojo at both the provincial and national level over the years.  Ken Sen Kan offers a comprehensive Chito-Ryu Karate Program suited for all ages and skill levels.  New or returning members can register anytime as registration is always on-going.

In October 2016, the Ken Sen Kan Karate Dojo was renamed Ken Sen Kan Martial Arts School.  Ken Sen Kan’s Chief Instructor is Sensei Andrew Swiber.  Sensei Swiber has been involved in Chito-Ryu Karate for over 20 years and is currently ranked Yondan (4th dan), Shidoin (qualified instructor).  Sensei Swiber is a senior student of Sensei Chris Golz (Kyoshi, 7th dan, NSCRA Technical Director), is a former national level competitor and is NCCP trained and Karate Canada Certified.



Shelburne Karate Club
Shelburne, Nova Scotia

The Shelburne Karate club was founded by Sensei Brian Dunn in 1996. Training began at the Hillcrest Academy School where the dojo continues to practice today.

Sensei Dunn is a Sandan (3rd Dan) with over twenty years teaching experience. In 2014 he achieved his Jun-Shidoin becoming the first certified instructor in the South Shore.

The Shelburne Karate Club philsophy is to make Karate a lifestyle. Offering classes in martial arts, fitness, self-defense, and weapons their students span interests and generations. The club has produced six black belts since opening in addition to athletes that have competed at Provincial, National, and Pan-American championships.


Cape Breton Karate Club
Sydney, Nova Scotia

Cape Breton Karate Club (CBKC) offers traditional training in Okinawan karate through upholding principles of respect and politeness in the aim of developing character along with physical training. Under the direction of Dr. S. Burrow (3rd degree black belt; certified instructor), CBKC is affiliated with both the Nova Scotia Chito Ryu Association and the National Karate Association.

Classes at the CBKC are small and allow for personal growth through physical and mindful practice that is suited for persons of all ages and abilities. The CBKC welcomes persons with diverse backgrounds and experiences to join our community. The CBKC will not tolerate racism, sexism, or other forms of abuse. Instead, we support an inclusive, supportive environment for learning the art of karate.

Telephone: 902-537-2011