Technical Director

Technical Director
Sensei Chris Golz
Kyoshi, Shichidan

The Nova Scotia Chito-Ryu Association benefits from having Sensei Chris Golz as Technical Director with over 40 years of Karate and teaching experience.

Sensei Golz started studying Karate in 1972 at the Atlantic Karate Club. He received his Shodan in 1975 from Sensei Shane Higashi.  In 1976, he and a small group of Black Belts from the Atlantic Karate Club organized a demonstration in Nine Mile River resulting in the creation of the East Hants Karate Club.  Sensei Golz is Chief Instructor of the East Hants Karate Club and has been instrumental in its leadership since that time.  The East Hants Karate Club is the Honbu dojo (provincial headquarters) for Chito-Ryu Karate in Nova Scotia.

Sensei Golz received his Nidan in 1982 from Dr. Tsuyoshi Chitose (O Sensei), The Founder of Chito-Ryu Karate, one of the original 6 Tode Masters.  In 1993, he was one of a group of four, the first in Nova Scotia to receive Teaching Licences from the Canadian Chito-Ryu Association.  Being recognized as one of Canada’s senior Chito-Ryu instructors, Sensei Golz is one of a select group of five in Canada to achieve Kyoshi, Shichidan in 2015 presented by Sensei Shane Higashi.

As well as instructing at his own dojo, Sensei Golz was an instructor at the Atlantic Karate Club and currently instructs at various provincial, national and international events.  He competed at the National Karate Association’s Black Belt Championships (now Karate Canada) as a member of Nova Scotia’s 1975, 1976 & 1979 Karate Teams.  In the 1970’s, Sensei Golz played a small part in the creation of the Nova Scotia Karate Association (now Karate Nova Scotia).

In addition to Karate and teaching experience, Sensei Golz has administrative experience as Vice-President Atlantic Karate Club, President Nova Scotia Chito-Ryu Association, Membership Director Canadian Chito-Ryu Association and Secretary Canadian Ryukyu Kobudo Kobujutsu Association.

Sensei Golz is NCCP as well as Karate Canada certified and holds a Shodan in Canadian Ryukyu Kobudo Kobujutsu.  Sensei Golz is a member of the Canadian Chito-Ryu Association and World Chito-Ryu Federation Technical Committees as well as Technical Director for Nova Scotia.